Medical Tourism Company You Can Trust

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to help transform how healthcare is delivered to international patients. We want to bring healthcare to everyone’s doorstep. We believe that everyone has a right to healthcare and therefore, as a medical travel company we can play can play a crucial role in bridging that gap. Medical tourism is just not about getting treatment abroad it also about helping hospitals build their infrastructure, helping doctors increase their knowledge levels and most of it bringing healthcare access to least developed parts of the world. With this belief in mind we’ve undertaken this journey of transforming the international medical tourism delivery.

Key Highlights:

  • Established in 2012
  • Headquartered in New Delhi, India
  • Got 1900 international patients treated
  • 46 Network Hospitals
  • 231 Doctors on board
  • 40+ years total combined experience

Who Are We

Medical tourism to India has become synonymous with getting high quality affordable treatments. Everyday thousands of patients travel to India for treatment. It is our duty that we provide our patients a high level of medical travel assistance. With this focus in mind we formed MedTour2India

Established in 2012, MedTour2India has become one of the leading medical tourism company in India. We attribute our growth and success to both, our patients and our employees. Through selfless dedication and hardwork we’ve ensured that each one of our patient gets the right advice and treatment when they travel to India for treatment.

Today MedTour2India is engaged in providing complete medical travel solutions which include pre-treatment medical advice, medical tour consultation, treatment assistance and post-treatment care. We focus on our patient’s and help them get the right treatment. We don’t promise you the moon but promise to provide you with an honest and reliable service.

As of now we’ve helped over 1900 international patients get treatment in different Indian Hospitals as per their requirements. We understand that getting treatment abroad is a big decision and requires lot of effort, attention and research. A properly planned medical tour ensures success and satisfaction. Our aim is to help you get that success and satisfaction. MedTour2India team is comprised of professionals who have combined experience of over 40 years who have worked in global companies of repute such as IBM, Microsoft, Lufthansa Airlines, Fortis Healthcare etc. This rich experience helps us guide you perfectly to your intended medical tour requirement.

As a medical tourism company based in India, we have the distinct advantage of working with leading hospitals and doctors in the region. A medical tour requires proper planning, research and knowledge about the location, hospital etc. Our past experience and background helps us fulfill those requirements. Currently, we’re working together with 46 Hospitals in and outside of India to provide you with a comfortable and reliable medical tour.

As a leading medical tourism company we strongly believe in “Indian Medical Tourism” because it has the potential to truly transform the way treatments are being done globally. By becoming a leading destination for medical tourism, India has a lot to offer to international patients. Multiple destinations with accredited world-class hospitals and well recognized Indian Doctors have made India a desired destination for getting treatment. Apart from this, it is a fact that getting treatment in India comes with added benefits such as shorter wait time, faster diagnostics, affordable prices and cutting technology use. All these factors reinforce the fact that India is the right destination for getting surgery.

Yet, we desist from making fancy and tall promises. We only promise what we can deliver. What we promise to deliver you is good advice, transparent communication, honest recommendations and savings on treatment tour. We’ll be more than happy to give you the right advice about getting treatment in India.