How hospitals are categorized in India

An Indian Hospital building

The hospitals in India can be categorized into three major types Super Specialty Hospitals Specialty Hospitals General Hospitals Super specialty hospitals are hospitals which specialize in multiple specialties. They’ve a high number of beds available. A super specialty hospital can have over 600 beds in a single facility. These hospitals can offer multiple treatments in different specialties at the same time. Some of the super specialty hospitals in India are Fortis Healthcare, MAX Hospitals, Medanta Hospital, Artemis Hospital etc.. However, specialty hospitals are the ones which focus on a single specialty. Some hospitals might be specializing only in cardiac care while other would only be specializing in orthopedics.  These hospitals are usually smaller in comparison with super specialty hospitals and...

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What is the cost of treatment in India

Indian doctor with patient

One of the most important questions that comes to every patients mind is “What will be cost of treatment in India?” In this article we’ll discuss what cost of treatment actually means and how you should decipher the true cost of treatment. There are four costs associated with any treatment. These are Diagnostic Cost (clinical evaluation) Surgery Cost Doctors’ Fees Implant Cost (if required) When you quoted the total cost of treatment in India it will usually include only Surgery, Doctor and Implant cost. Diagnostic fees (Clincial Evaluation) is usually not included in the treatment package. This is because diagnostic cost varies from patient to patient. Some patients might require a higher number of medical tests compared to other patients...

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How to select hospital in India for getting treatment

Patient recovery room of Indian hospital

  Once you’ve decided that you’ll get treatment in India the next question is in which hospital? India has a number of excellent that offer great quality of treatments. Indian hospitals have really progressed in the last decade to become on par with top hospitals of the world. There are five main considerations which every patient should consider before selecting the right hospital. It does not matter if the hospital is small or big. But what are these five considerations ? These five main considerations are Cost Technology Accreditation Infrastructure & Facilities Location Cost: To choose any Indian hospital it is important to consider the cost of the treatment. This cost will include the cost of surgery and stay in...

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How to apply and get an Indian Medical Visa

Medical Visa for India

Getting an Indian Medical Visa is a swift process. If all the steps are followed and certain requirements are met you can get your medical visa in no time. The documents required for getting the visa can be summarized as: Medical Certificate from Doctor Vaccination Certificate Income Proof & Bank Balance Statement Visa Sponsorship Letter ID and Address Proof Medical Certificate from Doctor: You’ll need to procure a medical certificate from your treating doctor stating your medical condition and why you need treatment abroad. It should justify that the required treatment is either not available or there is long wait time for the treatment Your physician will have to certify the medical certificate and give his/her recommendation for treatment abroad. Vaccinations:...

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