How hospitals are categorized in India

An Indian Hospital building

The hospitals in India can be categorized into three major types

  1. Super Specialty Hospitals
  2. Specialty Hospitals
  3. General Hospitals

Super specialty hospitals are hospitals which specialize in multiple specialties. They’ve a high number of beds available. A super specialty hospital can have over 600 beds in a single facility. These hospitals can offer multiple treatments in different specialties at the same time. Some of the super specialty hospitals in India are Fortis Healthcare, MAX Hospitals, Medanta Hospital, Artemis Hospital etc..

However, specialty hospitals are the ones which focus on a single specialty. Some hospitals might be specializing only in cardiac care while other would only be specializing in orthopedics.  These hospitals are usually smaller in comparison with super specialty hospitals and can have beds from 100 to 500. Some of the specialty hospitals in India are National Heart & Lung Institute, PSRI Hospital, Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, etc.

The third category of hospitals are those which focus on general treatments. These hospitals do not have a particular specialty. These hospitals can be very small or even very large. They typically are considered to mainly OPD hospitals but have also provision of general surgeries in specialties such as ENT, Skin, Dental, etc.

Therefore, if we look at the above three differentiations each type of hospital in India will play a particular role in the treatment lifecycle of a patient. Medical tourists coming for treatment should choose the type of hospital to get treatment in depending upon their requirements and line of treatment. Super specialty hospitals will typically cost more than the other two hospital.

When coming for treatment to India, you should be aware of your requirement. Which hospital you’ll be referred will depend upon on multiple factors such as medical technology being used, urgency of treatment, line of treatment sought and your personal requirements.