How to apply and get an Indian Medical Visa

Medical Visa for India

Getting an Indian Medical Visa is a swift process. If all the steps are followed and certain requirements are met you can get your medical visa in no time. The documents required for getting the visa can be summarized as:

  • Medical Certificate from Doctor
  • Vaccination Certificate
  • Income Proof & Bank Balance Statement
  • Visa Sponsorship Letter
  • ID and Address Proof
  1. Medical Certificate from Doctor: You’ll need to procure a medical certificate from your treating doctor stating your medical condition and why you need treatment abroad. It should justify that the required treatment is either not available or there is long wait time for the treatment Your physician will have to certify the medical certificate and give his/her recommendation for treatment abroad.
  2. Vaccinations: You’ll need get certain vaccinations such as yellow fever vaccination etc. These vaccinations are generally required for patients who are coming from Africa. The vaccinations are intended to protect you and also to prevent you from carrying the viruses to your treatment destination. Once vaccination is done please attach it to the document set for medical visa.
  3. Income Proof & Bank Balance: Another important requirement is to show income proof which could be a letter or a pay slip from your employer stating that you’re currently employed. Another requirement is to show your bank account statements. These documents are required to ascertain that you can sustain the expenses during your stay in India.
  4. Sponsorship Letter from Indian Hospital: You’ll also be required to attach the visa sponsorship letter received from the Indian hospital where you’ll be getting treatment. The visa sponsorship letter will be arranged by your medical tourism company. The letter states that the patient requires XYZ treatment and they’ll be performing the treatment. The letter will also state how much time you’ll spend in the hospital and how much time you require to stay in India. The sponsorship will also take full responsibility during your stay in India.
  5. ID & Address Proof: You’ll also need to provide valid documents of your identification and home address. These documents are required for ascertaining the identity and location of the address. Generally, passport will suffice both ID & address proof requirements. These details are also required because based on this your visa issuing embassy will be allocated.

Applying & Getting an Indian Medical Visa

If all the documents are found in order and with complete details you’ll be issued a file number. The file number will denote your visa application number. It is important that you keep the file number safely. This will be required during communication with the embassy. Generally visas are issued with 5-10 days if all documents are found to be in order. Currently, visa issuance time for Nigeria has been delayed. Visas are being only being issued after proper authentication and verification of documents.  Therefore, getting Indian medical visa from Nigeria will take upwards of 3 weeks.

Visas issued will have a validity from 30 days to up to 180 days. This is dependent upon the type of treatment which is sought and if the treatment will require frequent checkups. An Indian medical visa for knee surgery will typically be issued for 30-60 days but a visa for organ transplant will be issued for 180 days. This is because transplants require regular checkups. Similarly, the type of visa will also be different as per the type of treatment undergone. Some visas will be Single Entry visa whereas other medical visas will be multi-entry.

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Therefore, if we see, Indian Medical Visa is issued based upon the documents submitted and the type of entry and validity will be decided by the treatment sought in India. Submitting false information will result in blacklisting and result in legal action. Similarly, if a patient overstays beyond the validity of their visa they’ll be liable for deportation.

Visit Government India Website | Medical Visa Rules