How to select hospital in India for getting treatment

Patient recovery room of Indian hospital


Once you’ve decided that you’ll get treatment in India the next question is in which hospital? India has a number of excellent that offer great quality of treatments. Indian hospitals have really progressed in the last decade to become on par with top hospitals of the world. There are five main considerations which every patient should consider before selecting the right hospital. It does not matter if the hospital is small or big.

But what are these five considerations ? These five main considerations are

  • Cost
  • Technology
  • Accreditation
  • Infrastructure & Facilities
  • Location
  1. Cost: To choose any Indian hospital it is important to consider the cost of the treatment. This cost will include the cost of surgery and stay in hospital. Generally, the cost does not include cost of medicines or other consumables which have not been mentioned explicitly. When considering the cost of treatment do consider the total cost you’re paying to the hospital. Since the treatment will be only for definite days also ask the hospitals about the cost for additional days of stay in hospital. Always make it a point to confirm that the cost of surgery includes the cost of treatment, cost of implants, cost of doctors and cost of stay in the hospital. You’ll find multiple Indian hospitals with different surgery price points. Do not base your decision solely on the cost of treatment.  A good approach would be base you’re your decision in a holistic way.
  2. Technology: Different Indian hospitals will have different levels of technology in use. Some hospitals will be focused purely on top-line medical treatment technology irrespective of the cost, whereas some others would be focused on becoming cost efficient. While the third lot would be focused on presenting the right mix of technology and cost. A simple internet search and discussion with your physician will help you find out the technology apt for getting a particular treatment. Some of the latest technology for different treatments is focused on robotic surgery and minimally invasive technologies.
  3. Accreditation: Majority of Indian Hospitals have gone for accreditation. This can be considered as a certification which implies that the hospital follows the laid down guidelines and procedures. Accreditation is an important parameter for shortlisting the hospitals. Some of the popular accreditation agencies are JCI (Joint Commission International) and NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Health Providers). JCI accreditation is considered as the top most accreditation in the world. This certification is only provided to top hospitals around the globe which follow the stringent quality and safety guidelines. NABH accreditation has become mandatory for Indian Hospitals. NABH accreditation is provided to hospitals conforming to the strict guidelines as laid down by the agency.
  4. Infrastructure & Facilities: While accreditation is a good parameter to determine the level of treatment quality, Infrastructure and Facilities of a hospitals should also be looked at. The infrastructure of all JCI accredited hospitals is on par with top hospitals around the world. They’ll have modern patient care facilities and also focus on giving you the best post-surgery experience. These hospitals will also have luxury rooms and pamper you with the best care possible. The other type of hospitals which are primarily NABH accredited will also have good infrastructure but will be less pampering. They usually focus more on the surgery part and provide you a comfortable stay post treatment. The level of luxuries you can expect would be less as compared to the JCI accredited hospitals. But this does not in any way mean that the treatment quality will not be good. All these hospitals will have excellent treatment facilities.
  5. Location: Another parameter for patients selecting Indian Hospitals is the location of the hospitals. Since majority of the Indian hospitals are fairly distributed amongst the different metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. The location is an important parameter because cost of living varies city to city. Mumbai is the costliest city to be while Chennai is the cheapest one. But Delhi has the largest number of hospitals located. Therefore, while location would be an important parameter it should be considered along with other parameters as well such as cost of living, connectivity, accommodation options, etc.

Hence, as we can see that when selecting a particular India hospital for medical tour we need to factor in different parameters as mentioned above. By doing so we’ll make better informed choice of our treatment and also save on our costs. For some treatment maybe about getting best treatment in luxurious environment while for some it would be about getting best treatment in a budget environment.

The best part is that Indian Hospitals have options to cater to different segments of patients. Whatever maybe the requirements there is an option for each one.