International Patient Testimonials


medTour2India - knee replacement surgery patient review UK

Knee Replacement Surgery

Mary K , UK

medTour2India - Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery patient review Iraq

Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery

Zaid , Iraq

medTour2India - Minimal Invasive Spine Decompression Surgery Patient Review Bangladesh

Minimal Invasive Spine Decompression Surgery

M Abdul , Bangladesh

medTour2India - Bladder Obstruction Surgery patient review Nigeria

Bladder Obstruction Surgery

Chinara , Nigeria

medTour2India - Hip replacement surgery patient review Kenya

Hip Replacement Surgery

Adamu , Kenya

medTour2India -Gall Stone Surgery patient review Iraq

Gall Stone Surgery

Fatima , Iraq

medTour2India - LASIK eye surgery patient review Oman

LASIK Eye Surgery

Eesra , Oman

medTour2India - Laser Spine Surgery patient review Iraq

Laser Spine Surgery

Hanif, Iraq


Patient from Nigeria getting cancer treatment patient in India
Cancer Treatment
Sani H , Nigeria

I’m Sani from Nigeria. I came to India for getting cancer treatment through medtour2India. I found them to be highly professional and helpful. Right from arrival to departure the team took care of every small issue. The doctors were courteous and understood my worries. They took care of all my questions and confusions. Earlier I used t think cancer cannot be treated but after coming to India for treatment and watching the kind of technologies being used. I got full confidence that if right treatment is given cancer can be cured. My cancer treatment cost was well below my expectations. I thank everyone who was there with me during the whole journey. Now I’m just taking the medicines and would be undergoing review in next 3 months at my local hospital.

Patient from Ethiopia getting Spinal fusion surgery in India
Spinal Fusion Surgery
Kofi, Ethiopia

Let me be very honest. I was scared about getting the spinal fusion surgery. Have only heard scary stories about these surgeries and how they’re unsuccessful. After much pushing from my family and doctors I finally yielded to getting the surgery. However, the type of surgery available in my country wasn’t highly successful. After my online research and personal discussions with patients I came to your office. The staff explained everything with ease and took care of all my apprehensions. Finally arriving and meeting Dr. Shah boosted my confidence. Thankfully everything went well without any hiccups. There was slight pain post surgery but it got ok in a week. I wore the neck collar as recommended by the doctors.Now I perfectly alright. I can fully move my neck without trouble. Wish you all the success in future.

Patient from Iraq came to India for kidney transplant surgery
Kidney Transplant Surgery
Nawaf H, Iraq

Was on dialysis for the past one year. Was waiting to get kidney transplant. After lot of research and discussions with my doctors I contacted you.Dr. Shekhar and you were amazing during the whole time. I also found the kidney transplant cost to be quite decent  considering the complexities which were involved in it.  I was happy to come to India for my transplant surgery. From day one everyone in medtour2India team was ready to assist me in whatever way they could. I found Indians to be very sweet and friendly. The hospital was really good and the staff very warm during my whole stay. My son was nervous initially before the procedure  but was reassured after talking to your team. During the whole 2 months of stay in India I never felt away from home.I’m now recovering well. Will be coming back after 6 months for the checkup.

Patient from Ghana came to India for heart valve replacement surgery
Heart Valve Replacement Surgery
Abeeku , Ghana

With no advance heart valve replacement surgery option in Ghana travelling abroad was the only option. We consider India as our friend. Most of us travel to India for getting treatment. Was happy to come across your site. Your team was very understanding and patient to answer all the queries and clear my doubts. The choice of hospital by your specialists was also perfect. My physician is happy with the overall recovery progress. Would like to thank you for helping with the whole treatment process. Adjo misses Delhi very much. He especially likes that garden which we visited on the last day. Will always recommend everyone to consult your company. Do visit us if you’ve the time would be very pleased. Stay in touch !

Patient from Nigeria came to India for spinal disc replacement surgery
Spinal Disc Replacement Surgery
Adedayo , Nigeria

I’m a truck driver in Nigeria. I had to drive long distances at a continuous stretch. The condition of the roads was so bad that my spine started to hurt. Initially I ignored the pain but after continuous pain for days at stretch I consulted my physician. The diagnosis was protruding disc which broken into pieces and required immediate surgery. Now the kind of spinal disc replacement surgery available in Nigeria was not too advanced and effective. I required a permanent solution. It’s pretty common to travel to India for medical treatment. I did my research and decided to contact you guys. Was happy with the honesty and straightforwardness.  The quick discharge within 2 days post surgery really excellent. Say my regards to Dr. Jyoti and Mr. Hitesh for all the help extended during the stay. Miss the tandoori chicken.  Have received the final medication plan. Thanks again !

Patient from Kenya came to India for knee replacement surgery
Knee Replacement Surgery
Blakk Pablo, Kenya

My knee got completely crushed after any accident in Nairobi. I couldn’t walk without crutches after that. The doctors had put a rod in my leg to prevent the joint from collapsing due to pressure. Advance knee replacement surgery had to be done to replace my joints with the implants. I had earlier considered UK to get this surgery but the cost was too high for me. Then after more research and interaction with my doctors I decided to seek treatment in India. After a lot of research and discussions I shortlisted medtour2India to help me out. They were pretty helpful in understanding my specific requirements about budget and type of hospital. The knee replacement surgery took place after 1 week of arrival. Post that I underwent physiotherapy sessions. I’m very happy with overall progress and services provided. Especially like to thank the team for going out of the way to arrange the lovely tour of Taj Mahal.

Patient from nigeria who got laser prostate treatment in India
Laser Prostate Surgery
Nafiu Aminu, Nigeria

While searching for appropriate clinic in India to get prostate surgery I came across medtour2India site. I found the information provided on it highly relevant to what I was looking. I contacted them for further details and asked specific questions. Dr. Rajeev who oversaw my case in India helped me a lot in answering my queries. I found the cost to be within my budget. Within 3 weeks I was in India for the treatment. After one day of rest I underwent the surgery. Was a bit nervous but the doctor gave me confidence. The surgery went well. The hotel where I stayed was also quite comfortable. Thanks to the whole team for organizing my stay in India on such a short notice. Will meet you all next month.

patient from oman came to India for cancer treatment
Cancer Treatment
Salah , Oman

I was diagnosed with gall bladder cancer last year in Oman. Due to the location of the cancer I required specialized surgery to remove the malignant cancerous cells. Unfortunately, we don’t have this advanced technology in Oman and my doctor recommended me to try India for treatment. One of my relative recommended who’d earlier been to India, recommended me to try medtour2India services. I did approach them and was very happy with their help. My chemotherapy and proton therapy went well and costed quite less. The doctors were really patient and helping all along.  Overall, my experience was highly satisfactory. Thank you to each one for all the help and guidance during the whole process. May Allah bless you !