Kidney Transplant Surgery

Patient from Iraq came to India for kidney transplant surgery
Nawaf H, Iraq

Was on dialysis for the past one year. Was waiting to get kidney transplant. After lot of research and discussions with my doctors I contacted you.Dr. Shekhar and you were amazing during the whole time. I also found the kidney transplant cost to be quite decent  considering the complexities which were involved in it.  I was happy to come to India for my transplant surgery. From day one everyone in medtour2India team was ready to assist me in whatever way they could. I found Indians to be very sweet and friendly. The hospital was really good and the staff very warm during my whole stay. My son was nervous initially before the procedure  but was reassured after talking to your team. During the whole 2 months of stay in India I never felt away from home.I’m now recovering well. Will be coming back after 6 months for the checkup.