Spinal Disc Replacement Surgery

Patient from Nigeria came to India for spinal disc replacement surgery
Adedayo , Nigeria

I’m a truck driver in Nigeria. I had to drive long distances at a continuous stretch. The condition of the roads was so bad that my spine started to hurt. Initially I ignored the pain but after continuous pain for days at stretch I consulted my physician. The diagnosis was protruding disc which broken into pieces and required immediate surgery. Now the kind of spinal disc replacement surgery available in Nigeria was not too advanced and effective. I required a permanent solution. It’s pretty common to travel to India for medical treatment. I did my research and decided to contact you guys. Was happy with the honesty and straightforwardness.  The quick discharge within 2 days post surgery really excellent. Say my regards to Dr. Jyoti and Mr. Hitesh for all the help extended during the stay. Miss the tandoori chicken.  Have received the final medication plan. Thanks again !