Why India for Medical Tourism ?

India The new hub for medical tourism

Today, India has emerged as one of the leading destination for medical tourism. Over a million international patients visit India annually for getting treatment. This upsurge in patient arrivals has been due to the acceptance and appreciation of India as a medical tourism destination. India has a lot to offer not just in terms of medical tours but also from a cultural and tourism point of view. With such a diverse landscape and multi-cultural society India is a wonderful country to be in. Talking about what makes it a unique destination, we’ve listed some of the primary reasons which have enabled India to become the top destination for medical tourism.

Some of the factors which have made India a medical tourism hub are

  1. Treatment/Surgery Quality: The quality of surgery/treatments that are offered by Indian hospitals are comparable to International Hospitals. Use of latest medical technologies and cutting edge surgery techniques are on par with hospitals of developed countries. One of the technologies such as robotic surgeries are quite common in Indian hospitals. Similarly, other techniques and surgery methods are followed at the hospitals.
  2. Cost Of Treatment: If we compare the total cost of treatment in India it will come out to be more than 60% cheaper than the same treatments in hospitals in developed countries. This makes the treatment affordable to a large number of patients who come from different parts of the world. A typical cardiac surgery which costs upwards of $75000 in USA costs just $6500 in India. And this cost does not compromise neither on the quality of the treatment or the type of technology used for treatment. Both of these are similar to what you’ll expect in a USA hospital.
  3. Doctors: India is home to some of the best doctors who have made a name for themselves in different countries such as USA, UK, etc. Indian doctors have been always appreciated for their knowledge, dedication and honesty. NHS UK has a major chunk of Indian doctors on its board. Similarly, USA has a major share of Indian doctors who are practicing. Besides this Indian doctors have considerable experience of working in different countries which gives them a diverse international experience.
  4. Medical Visa: Indian medical visa facilitates patient’s treatment and complete medical tour. The medical visa issued by Indian embassies are long duration. They help the patient to go for their medical tour without any hiccups. Also the medical visa’s are issued quite fast without any delays. The whole focus of the visa is to help the patient get treatment with minimal documentation challenges.
  5. Hospital Infrastructure: Indian hospitals have made a name for themselves in the world. They’ve established world-class infrastructure with stringent patient safety protocols. Majority of Indian hospitals have got them accredited with JCI (Joint Commission International), an international accreditation body which accredits hospitals in USA and other countries which meet their stringent quality measures. Getting JCI accreditation ensures same quality of treatment and same level of infrastructure you’ll expect in developed countries such as USA etc.. Besides this Indian hospitals are also accredited by NABH, a regulatory body of India which ensures quality treatment is offered to the patients. Such certifications reinforce the commitment of Indian Hospitals to be counted amongst the best hospitals of the world.
  6. Culture and People: Indians are generally warm and friendly & attach great importance to their guests. Guests are considered God by many. The average Indian will go to any extent to make your stay comfortable and help you with anything. This warmth is what attracts many patients to come to India. Be it in hospitals or outside it you’ll be interacting with people at each step. You’ll be really surprised at the diverse set of people you’ll meet during your tour.